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Run the command below to install via Composer

composer require chaibi/gtranslator

Then add this line to your providers in config/app.php :


And finally :

php artisan translate

You will be prompted to choose the source language (Default: app.locale config value) then you will be prompted again to enter the destination language (Default: app.fallback_locale config value), and that's it !

gTranslator will create a new folder with the destination language, and copy the source files to be translated there but with new translated values.

gTranslator detects :params and don't translate them. For example : "Welcome to :site !" with :site = home will give you in french "Bienvenue à home".

If you have extra directories where you have translations, different than resources/lang folder, please run

php artisan vendor:publish

and add your directories paths in the gTranslator newly created config file.

Please feel free to share with me your thoughts and suggestions.