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README 2018 demo files
Alison Chaiken,

This repository collects scripts and patches that were created for the
"Linux: the First Second" talk at 2018:

What's in the subdirectories:

0. custom_initrd: a script to unpack the initrd in /boot that matches
the running kernel, add a specified file to it in a specified
subdirectory, and then repack into a new initrd.   The motivation for the
script is that the instructions regarding the use of cpio for initrd's
the kernel source in Documentation/acpi/initrd_table_override.txt and
Documentation/filesystems/ramfs-rootfs-initramfs.txt no longer work
as of kernel 4.13 and Debian Buster.

1. starting_ELF:
-- For x86_64, these scripts download the GLIBC and coreutils
   source, compile coreutils with symbols, and create symlinks to help
   GDB find the GLIBC symbols.   GDB is started in such a way that the
   user can easily read the assembly constructor startup code in start.S
   that is part of the ELF interpreter.

-- For ARM, provide an explanation of how to use the Linaro toolchain
   and sysroot to cross-compile a random C file and inspect its
   symbols with cross-GDB.  Similar symlinking into the GLIBC source
   is needed as with x86_64.

2. u-boot_sandbox: creates a toy block 'device' for
u-boot's sandbox to read.  The tiny patches to the u-boot code configure
the sandbox image to read the kernel and device-tree from the block
device and try (obviously without success) to boot them on x86_64.


Demo code for "Linux: the first second" presentation




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