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tl;dr I want to bench a PR

This should probably be done on an otherwise idle system if you actually want to report the benchmarks.

  1. Clone this repo: git clone
  2. Ensure you have Python 3.8 on your system (see ./bin/
  3. Peruse all the other stuff you should have installed in ./bin/
  4. python3 -m pip install --user -e .
  5. Follow all setup instructions: bitcoinperf setup
  6. Run the bench: bitcoinperf bench-pr $YOUR_PR_NUM
  • This will run a comparative initial block download from block 500_000 to (by default) block 501_000. It will spit out some pretty graphs and statistics.

This repository consists of a few components

  • a haphazard Python script for running high-level Bitcoin Core benchmarks,
  • a codespeed installation which collects and presents benchmarking results in a web interface, and
  • a Grafana interface for presenting the benchmark results.

It even uses matplotlib to generate graphs that look decent half the time.

The benchmarks which are monitored are

  • Build time (make)
  • Unittest duration (make check)
  • Functional test framework duration (test/functional/
  • Microbenchmarks (bench-bitcoin)
  • IBD up to some height from a local peer or from the P2P network
  • IBD of an interesting range of the chain (based on preexisting datadir)
  • Reindex up to some height

The Python script (bitcoinperf) may be used as a standalone script (in conjunction with the Docker configuration) to benchmark and compare different Bitcoin commits locally - without necessarily writing to a remote codespeed instance.

Example local usage (no docker)

You must have Python 3.8 or greater installed.

# Obtain all the dependencies necessary to build Bitcoin Core as well as all
# additional dependencies.
# This script is written for Debian-like systems - if you're not on one of
# those, take a look at the script. It should be pretty obvious what you need to
# do.
# If pip warns that the installation path is not in PATH, add it
export PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin

# Run the guided setup script
bitcoinperf setup

# To run a probably-relevant comparison for a certain pull request, run
bitcoinperf bench-pr $PR_NUM

# To run based upon YAML configuration, use
bitcoinperf run examples/pr_compare.yml

See the examples/ for sample usages.

Example local usage (docker)

First, you may have to modify the synced mountpoint in docker-compose.yml from /data/bitcoin_bench to a path on your machine that corresponds to a Bitcoin datadir which is synced up to your desired stopatheight.

Install docker & docker-compose, then run

# Bring up codespeed server and a synced bitcoind instance

$ ./bin/dev up codespeed

# Modify docker-compose.yml to reference a synced datadir on your host machine.

$ sed -ie 's#/data/bitcoin_bench#/path/to/your/datadir#g'

$ ./bin/dev runbench bitcoinperf run examples/smoketest.yml

Navigate to http://localhost:8000/ to see results reported to codespeed.

Running unittests

$ ./bin/dev up codespeed
$ ./bin/dev test

Configuring Grafana

Grafana dashboards can be recreated locally by importing the JSON files stored in grafana_management/backups/.

When dashboards are edited on the live environment, they should be backed up using grafana_management/

In order for the saved Grafana dashboard configurations to work, you'll need to make sure you've installed the Postgres views contained in codespeed/migrations/001-result-views.sql.


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