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Readline-style mappings for Kakoune.
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Readline-style mappings for Kakoune

This plugin implements many line-editing shortcuts in Kakoune, emulating Readline as closely as possible. See the readline(1) man page for explanations of what they do.


Using plug.kak

plug "chambln/kakoune-readline"


Put a copy of or link to readline.kak anywhere within your ~/.config/kak/autoload/ directory.

Bugs and notes

  • <c-w> and <c-a-h> kill two words backward if the cursor is exactly one character into the latter, e.g. one two t|hree four becomes one |hree four where | represents the cursor.
  • transpose-char and transpose-word change the search register.
  • transpose-char and transpose-word traverse line breaks.
  • If the cursor is in the middle of the word, delete-horizontal-space deletes whitespace after it.
  • The <c-u> mapping overrides Kakoune’s default.

I chose not to include mappings for <c-p> and <c-n> since they are used for completion by default. If you want to use tab for completion instead, you can use the mappings below. This plugin provides <a-tab> to insert a literal tab character, as in Readline.

map global insert <tab> <c-n>
map global insert <s-tab> <c-p>
map global insert <c-p> <up>
map global insert <c-n> <down>
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