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Lokka( plugin that can creates redirect rules. Useful for migrating from WordPress to Lokka.
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Lokka "Redirect" Plugin

This plugin is for the website using Lokka deployed on Heroku. The plugin can create any redirect rule. For example, this is useful for migrating from WordPress to Lokka, in case that you want to redirect URLs of WP style to those of Lokka style.


$ cd LOKKA_ROOT/public/plugin
$ git clone
$ rm -rf lokka-redirect/.git


If you want to redirect


create the following rule from "rewrite" plugin admin page.

Pattern Substitution
^/archives/date/(\d{4})/(\d{2})/*$ /\1/\2/

Examples of Redirect Rules

Pattern Substitution
^/archives/(\d+)/*$ /\1
^/archives/date/(\d{4})/(\d{2})/*$ /\1/\2/
^/archives/date/(\d{4})/*$ /\1/
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