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BeanCounter is a metrics suite for Cappuccino projects. Currently, BeanCounter has support for calculating the following metrics:

  • Lines of Code
  • Number of Classes
  • Number of Files
  • Number of Methods
  • Number of Test Cases
  • Lines of Code per Class
  • Methods per Class
  • Test Cases per Method


It is very easy to add a new type of metric to BeanCounter (it will be much easier in the future, possibly using a plug-in architecture). If you wish to create a base metric (a metric that does not depend on any other metric), subclass CKMetric and override: - (void)updateMetricForFile:(id)file line:(CPString)line You can also override some other default behavior for more fine grained control, like: - (id)defaultFileMetric - (id)defaultProjectMetric - (id)calculateTotalMetricWithStartingMetric:(id)startingMetric andNewMetric:(id)newMetric - (id)metricForFile:(id)file - (id)metricForProject See the comments on these methods for descriptions on what they should do. See some of the current metrics in Frameworks/BeanCounter/ for an example.

If you wish to create a composite metric (a metric which depends on one or more metric), subclass CKCompositeMetric and implement: - (id)metricForFile:(id)file - (id)metricForProject In many cases, the default behavior (just dividing two metrics) for a composite metric is good enough. In that case, no subclassing is necessary.

To have your new metric be run with the rest of the metrics, add an @import statement to CKMetricSuite.j and add your new metric to the metrics array in that class. See all the examples. (Again, this is an area that is still very experimental. I want this to be much easier so you won't have to do this in the future. But for now, this is how it needs to be done.)

Installation Instructions

BeanCounter is a Narwhal package and will soon be added to the tusk package manager. When that happens, you can simply run: tusk update sudo tusk install beancounter Thanks to @hammerdr for helping me set this up.

Usage Instructions

From the top-level directory of your Cappuccino project, run: env NARWHAL_ENGINE=jsc beancounter


Currently, BeanCounter depends on Narwhal and Cappuccino.


There is a lot left to do before BeanCounter is ready for primetime. Here is what is on the list right now:

  • "Smarter" code parsing (currently it is line-by-line and naive of where it is in the file/class).
  • Tests to "prove" correctness of metrics.
  • A plug-in type architecture for easier integration of 3rd-party metrics.
  • More metrics (suggestions?).