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P@'s Linux on Azure tutorials

Documentation and examples for how to leverage various linux technologies with Microsoft Azure.

I write tutorials with a bit of automation code about things I didn't see documented elsewhere, or where I want to add context and details to existing docs and blog posts. I also list a set of links to relevant docs or blog posts that I found useful.

These tutorials use many tools: docker, python, pip, Azure Python SDK, Azure Cross platform CLI, docker machine... In order to make it easier for anyone to follow the tutorials, I packaged all these tools in a Docker container. See Using the chanezon/azure-linux Dockerfile for how to use it.



Interesting links

I assume you already know Docker basics: there are plenty of resources and tutorials out there about it. If you don't, get started with @kartar's excellent book The Docker book - Containerization is the new virtualization, then read the official docs.

Here are resources to understand how Docker works internally, where it is going, and what kind of innovation is happening in different part of the ecosystem as it matures: orchestration, networking, storage, management and monitoring.



Interesting links

The main issue installing Kubernetes on Azure is networking: Kubernetes needs to assign 1 IP address per pod, which works fine on Google Cloud Platform, where advanced routing allows you to configure your VMs so that each get assigned a /24 address space. On Azure today, you need to leverage some kind of overlay network to accomplish that. There are different approaches in how to do this:

Ubuntu Core

Snappy Ubuntu Core is a minimal server image of Ubuntu, coupled with a transactional OS update mechanism, similar to CoreOS, and an application model inspired by mobile app stores called snappy. It was announced 12/9/2014, with initial support for Azure first.


Documentation and examples for how to leverage various linux technologies with Azure




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