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Geometry Processing

Geometry Processing @ LMU Munich Winter Semester 2021/22


The course is designed for senior bachelor students or master students who have taken those following courses (or have equivalent knowledge):

Registration is open at Uni2Work.


We will introduce and use the following toolkits for this course:

Please install all of them in advance and take a glance to these tools beforehand.


We use GitHub to manage all course resources, submissions, project proposals, etc. and use the discussions feature for online questions and discussions.


In this practical course, students will learn and practice more about geometry processing algorithms in 3D graphics, including mesh representation, discrete differential geometry, smoothing, parameterization, remeshing, deformation, shape analysis, etc.

Students will participate in the course every week to discuss and learn more geometry processing techniques at the beginning of the semester, then do 5 out of 8 geometry processing coding projects.

During the rest of the semester, students should propose a project idea throughout the semester, and by the end of the semester, implement and demonstrate their project in 1) idea-pitch presentation; 2) intermediate presentation; 3) final presentation.

Date Topic Slides
18.10.2021 Introduction
25.10.2021 Discrete Differential Geometry
08.11.2021 Smoothing
15.11.2021 Parameterization
22.11.2021 Remeshing
29.11.2021 Deformation
06.12.2021 Christmas Special: The Nanite System in Unreal Engine 5
10.01.2021 Data-driven Approach I
24.01.2022 Data-driven Approach II


The grading scheme contains two parts: homework projects and individual project.

Homework Projects

Homework projects contribute 50% of the final grades. Select 5 out of 7 given projects (5x10%), or feel free to finish them all (no bonus, but learn more interesting algorithms).

Proportion Topic Deadline
10% The Halfedge Structure
01.11.2021 23:59:59
10% Discrete Curvature
15.11.2021 23:59:59
10% Laplace Smooth
29.11.2021 23:59:59
10% Tutte's Embedding
13.12.2021 23:59:59
10% Quadric Error Metric Simplification
01.01.2022 23:59:59
10% Rendering with PyTorch(3D)
17.01.2022 23:59:59
10% Learning to Deform A Mesh
07.02.2022 23:59:59

Individual Project

Individual projects contributes 50% of the final grade, and separated into parts:

  • (10%) Proposal document, idea-pitch presentation (1 minute)
  • (10%) Intermediate representation (5 minutes)
  • (10%) Video submission (<5 minutes)
  • (10%) Final presentation (10 minutes)
  • (10%) Code submission

The timeline for individual projects are as follows:

Events Deadline
Proposal Submission 01.01.2022 23:59:59
Project Presentation (Idea-Pitch) 24.01.2022
Project Presentation (Intermediate) 07.02.2022
Video Submission 23.01.2022 23:59:59
Presentation 23.02.2022 23:59:59
Code Submission 23.02.2022 23:59:59
Project Presentation (Final) 24.02.2022 14:00:00

Note that the individual project can be conducted in parallel with the coding projects, meaning the individual projects can be submitted anytime before the deadline; Individual projects do not mean students cannot collaborate with each other. A maximum of three students can collaborate with each other to work on the same foundation of the the project, but eventually each individual project should have their uniquely implemented geometry processing algorithm or feature.

Find more details about how to do an individual project here.

Author Topic Project
Jakob Schmid Mesh Connectivity Regularization
source, talk, video
Constantin Geier Mesh-based Geometry Voxelization using Halfedge Representation
source, talk, video
Johannes Merkt Mesh Generation for Implicit Geometries
sources, talk, video
Marcel Quanz (Approximated) Volume-preserving Soft Object Denting
source, talk, video
Nicolas Mogicato Delta Mush Mesh Deformation
source, talk, video


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