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Face Sketch Synthesis with Style Transfer using Pyramid Column Feature
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Face Sketch Synthesis with Style Transfer using Pyramid Column Feature

Face Sketch Synthesis with Style Transfer using Pyramid Column Feature, WACV2018
Chaofeng Chen*, Xiao Tan*, Kwan-Yee K. Wong. (* equal contribution)

This paper addresses the problem of face sketch synthesis. Here is an example

Getting Started


  • Python 2.7
  • keras 0.3.3
  • Theano 0.8.2
  • CUDA 7.5
  • CUDNN 5.0

It should be easy to install the python package with Anaconda and pip install.
Please make sure you have all the right version packages, or the code may not run properly.


Our training data (./Data/photos and ./Data/sketches) comes from CUHK face sketch dataset [1]. It contains 188 face sketch pairs, of which 100 pairs are randomly selected from AR dataset, 88 from CUHK student dataset.


The following command line arguments is needed to run the demo

  • test image path
  • save content image path
  • save sketch result path
  • component weights: style weight, content weight, region weight

And the following arguments is optional

  • facepath, path to the train face photo
  • sketchpath, path to the train sketch. (NOTE: the corresponding sketch and photo must have the same name)
  • vggweight, path to gray version of vgg16
  • contentweight, path to weight of content network
  • featpath, path to precomputed train photo feature. (This may take large disk space, make sure you have enough space[>8GB] for it under this path)

example usage:

KERAS_BACKEND=theano python ./test/1.png ./result/content.png ./result/sketch.png 1. 0.001 0.1 

NOTE: the gpu number can be set by THEANO_FLAGS=device=gpu0

To generate results for all images in test/, run the following script

KERAS_BACKEND=theano python

Train the Content Network

Optional arguments

  • face_path, train photo path
  • sketch_path, train sketch path
  • save_weight_dir, path to save the weight
  • resume, whether resume the last train
  • batch_size, mini batch size

example usage:

KERAS_BACKEND=theano python


If you find this code or the provided data useful in your research, please consider cite:

  title={Face Sketch Synthesis with Style Transfer using Pyramid Column Feature},
  author={Chen, Chaofeng and Tan, Xiao and Wong, KKY},
  booktitle={IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision},


  1. CUHK Face Sketch Dataset
  2. Real-Time Exemplar-Based Face Sketch Synthesis
  3. Lighting and pose robust face sketch synthesis
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