Android App for planing your fitness training.
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Open Training is looking for a new maintainer

No Maintenance Intended

I don't have enough time to work regularly on this project anymore. If anyone wants to continue this project please contact me.

Open Training

Open Training is an Android app for planning your fitness training.

Where can I download the app?

Google Play Store: (catalogue of FOSS):

You can also use this QR-Codes:

qrcodes hier qr code erstellen

Programming language

Java (and some shell scripts for development)


GPL 3 Exercises are CC licensed(currently all CC-BY-SA)


English, German. More wanted! Help here:

Building Instruction


  • Git
  • Android-SDK v19
  • Android Support Repository

Building with Eclipse (TODO: add instructions for android studio)

1. Clone the repository

$ git clone git://

2. Change Eclipse workspace

3. Import 'app'

* File -> Import -> Existing Projects into Workspace

4. Import 'test'

* File -> Import -> Existing Projects into Workspace

5. Import support library

* Instructions:; 'Adding libraries with resources', step 1 to 4 should be enough

6. Disable Lint für support library

*Click right on project 'android-support-v7-appcompat' -> Properties -> Android Lint Preferences -> Ignore all

Building with gradle

1. Connect your phone with USB

2. Build & Install

$ gradle installDebug