A thin wrapper over various python profilers to assist with debugging of Kivy programs
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Kivy Profiler

This is a thin wrapper of the memory_profiler and cProfile modules for python, designed to allow Kivy programmers and designers to make use of these profiling tools with very little additional work.

Memory Profiler

Keeps a line-by-line tally of which parts of your code increase the memory footprint of your app and the number of times these lines are called. To install, run ./install_memory_profiler.sh. Requires pip.

Once memory_profiler is installed, use it by running the script run_memory_profiler.sh. The usage of this script is run_memory_profiler.sh PYTHON_FILENAME LOGFILENAME. For example, if you wanted to profile ../apps/AwesomeApp/main.py and create the logfile log.txt, you could run ./run_memory_profiler.sh ../apps/AwesomeApp/main.py log.txt.