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Clean up dated comment.

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commit dbbfea7f49a3cd0aa66dca74660cf03b2aad4164 1 parent 5b01088
@jmchilton jmchilton authored
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  1. +3 −8 cloudbio/galaxy/
11 cloudbio/galaxy/
@@ -123,15 +123,10 @@ def _clone_galaxy_repo(env):
def _configure_galaxy_options(env, option_dict=None, prefix="galaxy_universe_"):
Read through fabric's environment and make sure any property of
- the form galaxy_universe_XXX=YYY, lands up in Galaxy's universe_wsgi.ini
- options as XXX=YYY using John Chilton's configuration directory work:
- Until, the above pull request is accepted, its changeset should be pulled
- into the configured Galaxy repository.
+ the form galaxy_universe_XXX=YYY lands up in Galaxy's universe_wsgi.ini
+ options as XXX=YYY using Galaxy configuration directory:
- galaxy_conf_directory = env.get("galaxy_conf_directory", False)
+ galaxy_conf_directory = env.get("galaxy_conf_directory", None)
if not galaxy_conf_directory:
return False
# By default just read the options from env (i.e. from fabricrc), but
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