Verilog project that takes the digital video and audio from a Neo Geo MVS before going through the DACs and outputs the signals over HDMI
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altera/13.0sp1 Cleaned up the overclock signal Apr 25, 2015
HDMIDirect.png Added support for YM3016 audio DAC. Mar 16, 2015
HDMIDirect.v Cleaned up the overclock signal Apr 25, 2015 Added GPL license Feb 15, 2015 Renamed notes to Feb 10, 2015 Remove warning about 75% speed as not valid anymore Apr 6, 2015 Merge pull request #2 from charcole/mv1fs May 19, 2015

HDMI output for NeoGeo MVS

Summary: The digital video and audio outputs from the Neo Geo MVS are tapped off before going through the DACs. Instead an FPGA reads the data and outputs the signal over HDMI forming a direct digital to digital connection.

This video should explain things:


The FPGA generates the HDMI video signal with data islands to embed the audio. It also controls the clock of the Neo Geo MVS so it can produce the exact 720x480p at 60fps timing that the HDMI specification demands. See the notes for more details.

If you've built hardware based on older releases of the wiring information then note that in the new build I've changed pin 73 to pin 104 for the lowest bit of the blue channel. This is because pin 73 was connected to the power rail on the dev board.

This project might also be notable in that it's one of the very few (that I know of) that features working audio over HDMI.

Nb. The code was originally based off the HDMI/DVI sample code from