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The Reach Recent Command for Unix
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The Reach Recent Command for Unix

The re command aims to make cd operations more efficient when targeting recently used folders in a deep hierarchy.

There are two essential features:

  • re list (in-depth) subdirectories by order of last modification,
  • re foo restricts the output to directories whose name includes foo.

One can then type in a digit to select the desired directory to cd into. Or simply type enter to validate the first choice. In case there is a single result, it is automatically selected.

The efficient way to integrate the script in one's shell is by adding the following alias into .bashrc:

alias re='. ~/ 8'

Where the parameter 8 bounds the number of result to display.

General usage:

     . nb_results [folder_name_pattern]


  • nb_results is the maximal number of folders to display,
  • folder_name_pattern restricts the recent folders to those that contain the pattern in their name (i.e., syntactic substring).

Known issue:

- limitations when filtering folders whose name includes spaces,
- hidden folders are excluded, it might be useful to provide an option to include them,
- it might be useful to include an option to exclude folder on remote servers from the search.
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