SQL Queries and other paraphernalia for exporting data from Mapmate to Recorder
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Mapmate to Recorder Query

This is an SQL query for MapMate that will export records from MapMate into a format that can be consumed by the import wizard in Recorder 6.

The SQL queries are (usually) generated in Access and are virtually unreadable in their raw, unformatted state; therefore, they have been formatted using SQLinForm, the online SQL formatting tool, in order to make them more readable to the human eye.

The Archive Method

This export method uses MapMate’s record archive functionality to isolate “batches” of records for import into Recorder. It works by archiving records in MapMate so that they are excluded from a special export query. Briefly, the process is as follows:

  1. Sync a dataset into MapMate
  2. Run the Recorder 6: export non-archived records user query
  3. Save the resulting data to a tab-text file
  4. Import the (cleaned) data into Recorder
  5. Once imported successfully, select all records in MapMate, right-click and select Archive Selected Records…

Note, you may (probably will) need to clean the data before importing into Recorder.


Much of the original work on this export query was done by Stuart Ball, Martin Harvey and Brian Miller.