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Note: this project no longer works because of stopping. I haven't had time to update it yet and there are many apps have since been released that do a similar thing... (e.g. Moment camera)

This is a simple proof of concept project that allows users to upload videos and have them converted to stacked stills. This does things like even out water remove crowds of people and generally blur motion in shots. There are some examples in my post here.

The project was built to give me a Photoshop-like image stacking tool that I could use from my phone. It is built using the following tools and services:

  • FFmpeg
  • Hugin
  • ImageMagick
  • Sinatra
  • Heroku
  • Pushover
  • Google Cloud

Run your own

You probably won't want to do all this but...

  1. Create a storage bucket on Google Cloud
  2. Create a service account with rights to edit that bucket's contents
  3. Get your JSON file from ~/.hyper
  4. Create an application on Pushover and get a user & app key.
  5. (optional) Build the image and push it to (see Makefile)
  6. Create an app on Heroku and push this repo to it.
  7. Set the environment variables in .envrc.template on Heroku.