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-Added 'birth_date' as an attribute for Profile.
-Added 'age' as a property for Profile.
-Profile.discoverable is now updatable (newly created profiles have
discoverable set at false). and can now take a text parameter for
cause 0 (Other).
-Added since once matched, the Tinder API will only take
the match ID for reports.
-Added report cause constants as class variables to User

-Fixed updatable Profile attributes not yet available raising KeyError
exceptions. Now they properly return None.

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This is a python client for the Tinder API.

Please see the examples for more information on how to use.

You start by instantiating a pynder.Session object with a Facebook ID and Facebook access token.

Once your session is initialized you have the following methods / attributes:

import pynder
session = pynder.Session(facebook_id, facebook_auth_token) #kwargs
session.matches() # get users you have already been matched with
session.update_location(LAT, LON) # updates latitude and longitude for your profile
session.profile  # your profile. If you update its attributes they will be updated on Tinder.
users = session.nearby_users() # returns a iterable of users nearby

When you run nearby_users you will receive a iterable of User objects. These have the following properties:

user = users[0] # their biography # their name # a list of photo URLs
user.thumbnail #a list of thumbnails of photo URLS
user.age # their age
user.birth_date # their birth_date
user.ping_time # last online
user.distance_km # distane from you
user.common_connections # friends in common
user.common_interests # likes in common - returns a list of {'name':NAME, 'id':ID}
user.get_photos(width=WIDTH) # a list of photo URLS with either of these widths ["84","172","320","640"]
user.instagram_username # instagram username
user.instagram_photos # a list of instagram photos with these fields for each photo: 'image','link','thumbnail'
user.schools # list of schools # list of jobs

You may run, user.superlike() or user.dislike() on that user.

For your list of matches, they will have the same attributes as above except you can't dislike or like them. You can, however, see any messages exchanged (match.messages) or send them a message yourself (match.message("Eyyyy gurl")).

Please let me know if you have any questions or bug reports.


To run the tests add a test.ini to the pynder/tests/ folder with your facebook auth details:

facebook_id = XXXX
facebook_token = YYYY

And install the needed test deps:

$ pip install vcrpy nose coverage

Now we we can run the tests:

$ nosetests pynder --with-coverage --cover-package pynder

ATTENTION The recorded request may contain personal data so remove them before committing.