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Chatpal-Search Standalone

Rocketchat + Chatpal = Easy and efficient digital business communication.

The standalone version of Chatpal allows you to run the server-backend on your own server - having all the data, requests and resources under your control.

If you are looking for a fast and easy-to-use solution, please check out


To launch the backend just run

docker run -d --name chatpal-search -p 8983:8983 chatpal/search-standalone

and point the chatpal-search provider to the following url: http://YOUR-DOCKER-IP:8983/solr/chatpal

Solr Cloud

If you need to run Chatpal-Search in a Solr-Cloud environment, please have a look into Running Chatpal in a dockerized Solr Cloud.


To build the Docker Image just run

docker build -t chatpal/search-standalone .

Optional: push the image to dockerhub (after building):

docker push chatpal/search-standalone

You can find the current version also on dockerhub.