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Movie Critic API 👾

API for use in my Movie Critic Alexa Skill and Bixby Capsule.

Simple and light-weight (doesn't use any framework such as express).

Getting started 💻

  1. Clone the repository

  2. Install Node using Node Version Manager (NVM)

    $ curl -o- | bash
    $ nvm install 10.16

    A .nvmrc file is also included in the project for reference.

  3. Install project dependencies

    $ npm i


  • GET <base URL>/you-tube/{id} - Get streaming url of a single YouTube video.
  • GET <base URL>/you-tube?ids=id1,id2 - Get streaming urls of multiple (comma seperated IDs) YouTube videos.

Base URLs

  • dev: Check the AWS console, or Serverless deployment output.
  • prod:*

*Using a custom domain is optional - I'm using the serverless-domain-manager plugin. To use without a custom domain, remove the customDomain section from custom in serverless.yml, and remove reference to the serverless-domain-manager plugin

Note: To help reduce latency on the prod API, GET responses are cached for 900 seconds - For more details see here.


The x-api-key header is required. The key is generated at deploy time - check the AWS console, or Serverless deployment output.

Respose body


  • GET <base URL>/you-tube/{id}

    { "url": "https://..." }
  • GET <base URL>/you-tube?ids=id1,id2

  "id1": "https://...",
  "id2": "https://..."


{ "message": "Invalid HTTP Method: POST" }


{ "error": "Houston, we have a problem!" }


See responses for details.

Running and debugging 🐛

You can run and debug this locally using serverless-offline.

  1. Run npm run start.

    A bundle is built using ncc, and a local server is started.

  2. Using the local endpoint output to the console, send a request using Postman.

    You don't need the x-api-key header when running locally.

Deploying 🤖

Depending on the stage you're deplpoying to simply run either:

  • dev - npm run deploy:dev
  • prod - npm run deploy:prod

Deployment currently assumes that AWS credentials are available, under the personal profile.

Branches 🌳

The repo has 2x main branches:

  • master - This is generally what is deployed to to stage prod.
  • develop - This is generally what is deployed to to stage dev.

Branches and PRs are created for new changes, and merged to develop -> master.

Keeping the Lambda warm 🔥

For prod stage, I'm using the serverless-plugin-warmup to prevent cold starts, and therefore ensure latency is kept to a mimnimum.

CI/CD ♻️

Automatic deployments

Automatic deployments are done with GitHub Actions, triggered by either a commit to develop or master branches.

  • develop: Deploys using stage dev.
  • master: Deploys using stage prod.

Following deployment, a bash script is executed. This gets the API Gateway endpint from Serverless, and sends a HTTP request - if the http status code from the response is not 200, it exits with code 1 and the build essentially fails.


  • Add tests.
  • Add JSDoc where needed.
  • Add ESLint.

Usage and license

  • Provided with an MIT license.
  • Forks welcome (would appreciate credit and/or a link back where necessary).


Simple API to get YouTube (direct) video URLs







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