MongoDB driver for Elixir
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A MongoDB driver in Elixir.

API entirely reviewed, see


Example preparing access to the anycoll collection in the test db :

# Connect the mongo server (by default port 27017 at
mongo = Mongo.connect!
# Select the db to access  
db = mongo |> Mongo.db("test")  
# Select the db to access
anycoll = db |> Mongo.Db.collection("anycoll")  

Wrappers for CRUD operations

Examples accessing the anycoll collection via CRUD operations see Mongo.Find

Wrappers for Aggregate operations

Example of aggregate operation applied to the anycoll collection see Mongo.Collection

Other commands

# Authenticate against the db
db |> Mongo.auth("testuser", "123")`
# Retrieve the last error
db |> Mongo.getLastError