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This is a translation project of the Yahoo! YSlow Rules maintained with the help of contributors:

The tools

We use Github and Hugo to produce the web pages from individual rule file in markdown. The rules are published on Github Pages.

The repository organisation

  • content : The main direcotry for the rules in every languages
  • content/en : The official english rules taken from Yahoo
  • content/fr : The rules in french.
  • layouts : Templates and layouts for the web pages
  • layouts/leads : The HTML for the page lead. One par available language.
  • layouts/intro : The HTML for the page introduction. One par available language.

JSON Export

You can find translations as JSON format (UTF-8):

PO Export

You can find translations as PO format (UTF-8):

How to help

You can make a new translation available by copying the en directory in locale. locale is the code of the translated language. If you make a spanish translation, this gives you a es folder. Translate every rule in the folder and you're done. Give attention to change the locale in the header of the rule.

You can correct any mistake you find in a translation. All you have to do is clicking the edit icon to make your correction and make a pull request.

You can make a beautiful design for the website.

You can tell the word about the project to empower new translators. We all need performant websites all around the world :)


YSlow are licensed under the New BSD License.

YSlow also includes files from the Yahoo! User Interface library, which are licensed under the BSD license.

Translations are licensed under the MIT License.