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import space
from builtin import signature
from interface import Object
from rpython.rlib import jit
class Exnihilo(Object):
_immutable_fields_ = ['storage']
__slots__ = ['map', 'storage']
def __init__(self): = EMPTY_MAP = []
def getattr(self, name):
map = jit.promote(
index = map.getindex(name)
if index != -1:
return Object.getattr(self, name)
def getattr_or(self, name, default):
map = jit.promote(
index = map.getindex(name)
if index != -1:
return default
def setattr(self, name, value):
map = jit.promote(
index = map.getindex(name)
if index != -1:[index] = value
else: = map.new_map_with_additional_attribute(name)
return value
def listattr(self):
listing = Object.listattr(self)
for name in
return listing
def repr(self):
cellnames = u""
for cellname in
if len(cellnames) > 0:
cellnames += u", "
cellnames += cellname
return u"<object %s>" % cellnames
# Exnihilo doesn't exist for the user. He only sees an object.
Exnihilo.interface = Object.interface
@Object.instantiator2(signature(Object, optional=1))
def instantiate(obj):
res = Exnihilo()
if obj is not None:
obj = space.cast(obj, space.Dict, u"object instantiation")
for key, value in
key = space.cast(key, space.String, u"setattr")
res.setattr(key.string, value)
return res
# Attribute optimization for exnihilo objects.
class Map(object):
def __init__(self):
self.attribute_indexes = {}
self.other_maps = {}
def getindex(self, name):
return self.attribute_indexes.get(name, -1)
def new_map_with_additional_attribute(self, name):
if name not in self.other_maps:
newmap = Map()
newmap.attribute_indexes[name] = len(self.attribute_indexes)
self.other_maps[name] = newmap
return self.other_maps[name]