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Parser generator for LR parsers
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LRKit is a parser generator for canonical LR(1) parsers. It is designed towards experimentation, rapid design of programming language grammars and keyboard user interfaces.

To start out read the Manual.

To understand LR parsers, read the blog post that this module originated from.

Prior use

Successfully parsed a calculator. Seems to be able to parse larger languages too, but requires further study to verify. Work in progress.


  • Canonical LR(1) parser generator and parser engine
  • Grammar construction language
  • Tokenizer for indented languages that do not have parenthesis spanning across a line.
  • File offset based numbering for tokens.
  • (Incomplete) caching of the produced grammar.
  • (Incomplete) diagnosis of conflicting grammars.
  • (Incomplete) syntax error reporting system.
  • Compantmentalized source code structure. Should be easy to understand and read.
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