Python bytecode to SPIR-V -translation.
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Python to SPIR-V Compiler

Notice: This library is outdated a lot. I advice you to get familiar with the machine readable specification in the Khronos SPIR-V registry, as well as read the official specification.

Translation from python bytecode to SPIR-V.

This might come out as something, or then not. It would be a shame to not try.

There's something here that could be useful on its own:

  • A SPIR-V decoder/encoder (or assembler/disassembler if you fancy that name) in the
  • Machine readable specification for SPIR-V in json -format that can be used to drive a decoder/encoder. And the script used to generate it.


Made an instruction decoder and encoder that work from the specification I generated from glslang earlier. Now I need to adjust my translator prototype to use SPIR-V instructions.

Development log