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name "postfix"
maintainer "Opscode, Inc."
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
description "Installs and configures postfix for client or outbound relayhost, or to do SASL auth"
version "2.1.4"
recipe "postfix", "Installs and configures postfix"
recipe "postfix::sasl_auth", "Set up postfix to auth to a server with sasl"
recipe "postfix::aliases", "Manages /etc/aliases"
recipe "postfix::client", "Searches for the relayhost based on an attribute"
recipe "postfix::server", "Sets the mail_type attribute to master"
%w{ubuntu debian redhat centos amazon scientific}.each do |os|
supports os
attribute "postfix",
:display_name => "Postfix",
:description => "Hash of Postfix attributes",
:type => "hash"
attribute "postfix/aliases",
:display_name => "Postfix Aliases",
:description => "Hash of Postfix aliases mapping a name to a value. Example 'root' => ''. See aliases man page for details.",
:type => "hash"
attribute "postfix/mail_type",
:display_name => "Postfix Mail Type",
:description => "Is this node a client or server?",
:default => "client"
attribute "postfix/myhostname",
:display_name => "Postfix Myhostname",
:description => "Sets the myhostname value in",
:default => "fqdn"
attribute "postfix/mydomain",
:display_name => "Postfix Mydomain",
:description => "Sets the mydomain value in",
:default => "domain"
attribute "postfix/myorigin",
:display_name => "Postfix Myorigin",
:description => "Sets the myorigin value in",
:default => "$myhostname"
attribute "postfix/relayhost",
:display_name => "Postfix Relayhost",
:description => "Sets the relayhost value in",
:default => ""
attribute "postfix/mail_relay_networks",
:display_name => "Postfix Mail Relay Networks",
:description => "Sets the mynetworks value in",
:default => ""
attribute "postfix/smtp_sasl_auth_enable",
:display_name => "Postfix SMTP SASL Auth Enable",
:description => "Enable SMTP SASL Authentication",
:default => "no"
attribute "postfix/smtp_sasl_password_maps",
:display_name => "Postfix SMTP SASL Password Maps",
:description => "hashmap of SASL passwords",
:default => "hash:/etc/postfix/sasl_passwd"
attribute "postfix/smtp_sasl_security_options",
:display_name => "Postfix SMTP SASL Security Options",
:description => "Sets the value of smtp_sasl_security_options in",
:default => "noanonymous"
attribute "postfix/inet_interfaces",
:display_name => "Postfix listening interfaces",
:description => "Interfaces to listen to, all or loopback-only. default is all for master mail_type, and loopback-only otherwise",
:default => ""
attribute "postfix/smtp_tls_cafile",
:display_name => "Postfix SMTP TLS CA File",
:description => "CA certificate file for SMTP over TLS",
:default => "/etc/postfix/cacert.pem"
attribute "postfix/smtp_use_tls",
:display_name => "Postfix SMTP Use TLS?",
:description => "Whether SMTP SASL Auth should use TLS encryption",
:default => "yes"
attribute "postfix/smtp_sasl_user_name",
:display_name => "Postfix SMTP SASL Username",
:description => "User to auth SMTP via SASL",
:default => ""
attribute "postfix/smtp_sasl_passwd",
:display_name => "Postfix SMTP SASL Password",
:description => "Password for smtp_sasl_user_name",
:default => ""
attribute "postfix/aliases",
:display_name => "Postfix mail aliases",
:description => "Hash of mail aliases for /etc/aliases",
:default => ""
attribute "postfix/relayhost_role",
:display_name => "Postfix Relayhost's role",
:description => "String containing the role name",
:default => "relayhost"
attribute "postfix/multi_environment_relay",
:display_name => "Postfix Search for relayhost in any environment",
:description => "If true, then the client recipe will search any environment instead of just the node's",
:default => ""
attribute "postfix/use_procmail",
:display_name => "Postfix Use procmail?",
:description => "Whether procmail should be used as the local delivery agent for a server",
:default => "no"