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Product Product Key
Analytics Platform analytics
Angry Omnibus Toolchain angry-omnibus-toolchain
Angry Chef Client angrychef
Chef Automate automate
Chef Infra Client chef
Chef Backend chef-backend
Chef Infra Server chef-server
Chef Infra Server HA Provisioning for AWS chef-server-ha-provisioning
Chef Workstation chef-workstation
Chef Development Kit chefdk
Chef Compliance compliance
Delivery delivery
Chef Infra Server High Availability addon ha
Harmony - Omnibus Integration Internal Test Project harmony
Chef InSpec inspec
Habitat Mac Bootstrapper mac-bootstrapper
Management Console manage
Chef Cloud Marketplace addon marketplace
Omnibus GCC Package omnibus-gcc
Omnibus Toolchain omnibus-toolchain
Enterprise Chef (legacy) private-chef
Chef Push Client push-jobs-client
Chef Push Server push-jobs-server
Chef Infra Server Reporting addon reporting
Supermarket supermarket
Chef Infra Server Replication addon sync

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