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New Web Interface for ChEMBL @ EMBL-EBI
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Restructure compound name and classification
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Build Status

Ghost Inspector

ChEMBL New UI (Basic)

ChEMBL New UI (Report Cards)

(ReportCards - Compound)

(ReportCards - Downloads)

I think we can put our differences behind us... for science...


Here you can find some informal diagrams that help to understand how some components work

Paginated Collections



Molecule Features Icons

Interface Icons and Logo

Design Components Page

Running it locally with Docker

This requires Docker installed and running. Copy and rename the minimal_dev_config file to configurations/config.yml, add the elasticsearch endpoint information. Then run the following command to create and start the instance:

$ docker-compose up

The entry point for the images is file, there an instance of the service will be started listening on the port 8000.

Chemvue front (VueJS 3)

VueJS 3 requires its client which can be installed by running:

$ npm install -g @vue/cli

GLaDOS collectstatic function CONFIG_FILE_PATH=configurations/config.yml ./ collectstatic --no-input will build and place chemvue static files on src/glados/v folder, which will be served by Django.

This process will fail if the configuration file is not present

In order to take advantage of VueJS's hot reload capabilities while developing, on chemvue dir run:

$ CONFIG_FILE_PATH=../configurations/config.yml npm start

To build the statics files run:

$ CONFIG_FILE_PATH=../configurations/config.yml npm run build
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