Version 2.1.2

@chemerisuk chemerisuk released this Jan 22, 2015 · 120 commits to master since this release

  • deep code refactoring
  • DOM.extend and DOM.mock were moved to $Document.prototype
  • critical bug fix for IE8's innerHTML hook
  • drop experimental $Element#context


Version 2.1.1

@chemerisuk chemerisuk released this Dec 16, 2014 · 143 commits to master since this release

  • critical bug fixes in $Element$define for IE8
  • introduce new methods $Element#empty and $Element#value (thanks to @nateroling)
  • major improvements in $Element#context implementation
  • various enhancements in internal infrastructure


Version 2.1.0

@chemerisuk chemerisuk released this Dec 13, 2014 · 160 commits to master since this release

New features

  • DOM.requestFrame and DOM.cancelFrame to work with animation frames
  • DOM.format supports functions in template strings for advanced formatting
  • DOM.emmet encodes values inside of back ticks, so they are always safe
  • new $Element#map to invoke function on element if the element exists
  • introduce $Element#context (experimental)
  • DOM.importStyles now supports at-rules too

API improvements

  • CSS accessor module was rewritten - now you can use $Element#css for SVG properties too!
  • major performance boost for declarative animations: no forced layout before animation
  • visibility methods now don't touch display property to avoid unnecessary layouts
  • DOM.importStyles supports only string as the second argument
  • the first argument for $Element#clone is required (standards-based behavior)
  • drop $Element#defineProperty because it's useless
  • rename $Element#defineAttribute to $Element.define and now it accepts just two functions instead of the configuration object
  • private functions (on*, do*) are deprecated in favour of methods that start with _