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GPUSkinning to improve performance.

v0.2.3 release


  • Animation Event

v0.2.2 release


  • Animation Blend

  • Level of Detail

  • Optimization

  • Crowd Example Scene

v0.2.1 release


  • Memory Optimization

  • Individual Difference Animation

  • GPU Instancing

  • Skinning Instancing

  • Root Bone Animation


  • Animation Blend

  • Level of Detail

v0.2 release


  • No hard-code.

  • Easier to use(editor tool).

  • Compatible with various animation types(legacy, generic, humanoid, animation).

  • New GPUSkinning api.


Experimental Version.This version is not for production use, just to verify feasibility of idea.

Record data of bone animation from Animation Component, customize GPUSkinning rather than Unity built-in.

4 Ways to implement:

  1. Compute bone hierarchy matrix of current frame in Application code -> push Matrix Array to GPU -> Skinning in Vertex Shader -> Next Frame(Goto first step)

  2. Compute bone hierarchy matrix of all frames -> Store all matrices into a Texture2D -> Skinning in Vertex Shader(Extract all matrices of current frame to skinning)(Using "additionalVertexStreams" to get individual animtion)

  3. Base on Way1 and Way2, Using GPU Instancing to get the minimum Batches, Using CullingGroup to implement Level of Detail to reduce triangle-rendering overhead.

  4. Compute bone hierarchy matrix of all frames -> Store data into a ComputeBuffer -> Skinning in ComputeShader(DirectX 11)




Adding a new feature that we can attach weapon to hand joint in this example.

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