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An open-source modern-style desktop markdown editor for Windows 7 and above, based on WPF
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MarkDown Editor

An open-source metro-style desktop markdown editor for Windows 7 and above.

The license of this project is General Public License(GPL).

Official Website:



The editor has the following features:

  • Full-function markdown editor

  • Real-time synchronization preview

  • Upload local image

  • Multiple markdown standards support:

    • Markdown
    • Strict Markdown
    • Github Markdown
    • PHP Markdown Extra
    • MultiMarkdown
    • CommonMark
  • Ability to export to multiple file type:

    • plain html
    • html with css
    • rtf
    • pdf
    • docx
    • epub
    • latex
    • pdf
  • Modern(Metro) Style App

  • Code highlighting

  • Support of English & 简体中文

  • Switching the color theme

  • Night Mode

  • Editing Mode & Reading Mode

  • Full Screen support

  • MathJax support (Only for markdown processor)

  • Customized Qiniu Key

  • ......


All Release

For Win7 and Win8/8.1 users, please install .Net Framework 4.5 before running MarkDown Editor.

For Win10 users, the .Net Framework 4.5 has been preinstalled.


For a WPF project, I recommand VS2015 Community Edition to build.



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