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The core of WhatFont Tool
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WhatFont is a JavaScript script to detect what font in the stack is being used on any elements of a web page.

Here in the repo is the core component with out wrappers, the wrapped Chrome/Safari extensions are available at

How to Use

whatfont_core.js is the core script. It adds _whatFont() into the global scope. WhatFont then runs in a closure created by the _whatFont() function.

An controller object is returned by whatFont() function. The controller will be used to set up the dependencies (jQuery and stylesheet) and initialize WhatFont.

This controller has the following functions:

  • setJQuery(jQ)

    WhatFont requires jQuery (v1.5.2), if jQuery has already been loaded into the global scope, the script finds it automatically. Otherwise setJQuery(jQ) needs to be called to set up jQuery object.

  • setCSSURL(url)

    WhatFont injects its stylesheet file into the webpage. The script comes with a default URL setting, if you want to change the setting, calling this function.

  • getVer()

    Return the version of WhatFont.

  • init()

    Initialize WhatFont and inject to the current document.

  • restore()

    Remove WhatFont from current document.


wf = _whatFont();       
wf.setjQuery(jQuery);       // Setup jQuery
wf.init();                  // Load WhatFont
wf.restore();               // Remove WhatFont
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