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Encoding for UWP This contains GB2312, BIG5
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Encoding for UWP

This project is based on

This project contains GB2312、BIG5 Encoding.

This project is fully implemented all Encoding functions therefore you can use this project as easy as .Net Framework built-in encoding. In order to use the project, you must embed an addition binary data files into your assembly. Following features have been implemented:

  • Immediate decode array bytes and encode string or array chars
  • Use StreamReader and StreamWriter to read and write stream simple


      var folder = Package.Current.InstalledLocation;
      var file = await folder.GetFileAsync("data\\beijing.dat");
      var stream = await file.OpenAsync(FileAccessMode.Read);
      using (StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(stream.AsStream(), SuperEncoding.GB2312))
          while (sr.Peek() > 0)
              BusInfo info = new BusInfo();
              string str = sr.ReadLine();

Supported Character Set

Code Page Name Display Name
932 shift_jis Japanese (Shift-JIS)
936 gb2312 Chinese Simplified (GB2312)
949 ks_c_5601-1987 Korean
950 big5 Chinese Traditional (Big5)
1361 Johab Korean (Johab)
10001 x-mac-japanese Japanese (Mac)
10002 x-mac-chinesetrad Chinese Traditional (Mac)
10003 x-mac-korean Korean (Mac)
10008 x-mac-chinesesimp Chinese Simplified (Mac)
20000 x-Chinese-CNS Chinese Traditional (CNS)
20001 x-cp20001 TCA Taiwan
20002 x-Chinese-Eten Chinese Traditional (Eten)
20003 x-cp20003 IBM5550 Taiwan
20004 x-cp20004 TeleText Taiwan
20005 x-cp20005 Wang Taiwan
20261 x-cp20261 T.61
20932 EUC-JP Japanese (JIS 0208-1990 and 0212-1990)
20936 x-cp20936 Chinese Simplified (GB2312-80)
20949 x-cp20949 Korean Wansung
50227 x-cp50227 Chinese Simplified (ISO-2022)
51936 EUC-CN Chinese Simplified (EUC)
51949 euc-kr Korean (EUC)


You are welcome to share your point of view on Issues page or send a Pull Request to enjoy your achievement.


The MIT license

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