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== link:index.html[Index] -> Getting started
. link:basics_why_cherokee.html[Why Cherokee?]: Feature overview.
. link:basics_requirements.html[Requirements]: Hardware and software requirements.
. link:basics_download.html[Download]: Where and how to download Cherokee.
. link:basics_installation.html[Installation]: Installation instructions.
- link:basics_installation_easy-install.html[Easy installation]: One-step installation.
- link:basics_installation_unix.html[Unix]: Installation on Unix/Linux platforms.
- link:basics_installation_osx.html[OSX]: Installation on Mac OSX platform.
- link:basics_installation_windows.html[Windows]: Installation on Windows platform.
- link:basics_installation_git.html[From GIT]: Installation of the development release.
. link:basics_upgrade.html[Upgrading Cherokee]: Upgrading from a previous release?
. link:basics_running_cherokee.html[Running Cherokee]: Basic steps to run Cherokee.
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