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Adds a clarification to the LDAP validator documentation page. Thanks

for David <> for the patch!

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9 doc/modules_validators_ldap.txt
@@ -22,7 +22,10 @@ Parameters
|__basedn__ |Base Distinguished Name.
|__filter__ |A filter that defines the conditions that must be
fulfilled in order for the search to match a given
- entry.
+ entry. Use `${user}` in a filter as a substitution to
+ match the identifier inputted by a user accessing the
+ resource. The filter must resolve to a single user object.
+ For LDAP filter syntax, refer to RFC 2254.
|__tls__ |Optional. Enable the use of TLS based integrity.
Defaults to __0__.
|__ca_file__ |Optional. It's the CA filename. Must be provided
@@ -45,3 +48,7 @@ Base DN, also known as search base, identifies the part of the
directory tree you want to manage.
Bind DN is the user name.
+To select any user from LDAP as part of the `filter`, specify
+`(uid=${user})`, where `uid` is the attribute that serves as your LDAP
+user identifier.

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