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General Assembly's Frontend Web Development Course
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GA FEWD: Course Website and Notes

A static web portal and notes for General Assembly's part-time Frontend Web Development (FEWD) course.

Hosted at using

Please feel free to fork for your own class. Contributions are welcome 👍

If you are looking for just the static web portal, see

If you are looking for just the notes, see

Note: Are you teaching JSD? Be sure to checkout


  1. If deploying through Surge, add a CNAME file containing your desired URL in the public directory (more info).

  2. Sass files live at assets/sass and are compiled to public/css/build.css by running ./bin/sass from root.


You will notice that the materials and notes directories exist both at the root of this project, as well as inside of the public directory.

As the two directories at the project root are not exposed to the public, I use them as a workplace; once the notes and materials for a particular class are complete, I move the associated files into the public directory.

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