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Sharif Judge

Sharif Judge is a free and open source online judge for C, C++, Java and Python programming courses.

The web interface is written in PHP (CodeIgniter framework) and the main backend is written in BASH.

Python in Sharif Judge is not sandboxed yet. Just a low level of security is provided for python. If you want to use Sharif Judge for python, USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK or provide sandboxing yourself.

The full documentation is at https://github.com/mjnaderi/Sharif-Judge/tree/docs

Download the latest release from https://github.com/mjnaderi/Sharif-Judge/releases


  • Multiple user roles (admin, head instructor, instructor, student)
  • Sandboxing (not yet for python)
  • Cheat detection (similar codes detection) using Moss
  • Custom rule for grading late submissions
  • Submission queue
  • Download results in excel file
  • Download submitted codes in zip file
  • "Output Comparison" and "Tester Code" methods for checking output correctness
  • Add multiple users
  • Problem Descriptions (PDF/Markdown/HTML)
  • Rejudge
  • Scoreboard
  • Notifications
  • ...


For running Sharif Judge, a Linux server with following requirements is needed:

  • Webserver running PHP version 5.3 or later with mysqli extension
  • PHP CLI (PHP command line interface, i.e. php shell command)
  • MySql or PostgreSql database
  • PHP must have permission to run shell commands using shell_exec() php function (specially shell_exec("php");)
  • Tools for compiling and running submitted codes (gcc, g++, javac, java, python2 and python3 commands)
  • It is better to have perl installed for more precise time and memory limit and imposing size limit on output of submitted code.


  1. Download the latest release from download page and unpack downloaded file in your public html directory.
  2. [Optional] Move folders system and application somewhere outside your public directory. Then save their full path in index.php file ($system_path and $application_folder variables).
  3. Create a MySql or PostgreSql database for Sharif Judge. Do not install any database connection package for C/C++, Java or Python.
  4. Set database connection settings in application/config/database.php.
  5. Make application/cache/Twig writable by php.
  6. Open the main page of Sharif Judge in a web browser and follow the installation process.
  7. Log in with your admin account.
  8. [IMPORTANT] Move folders tester and assignments somewhere outside your public directory. Then save their full path in Settings page. These two folders must be writable by PHP. Submitted files will be stored in assignments folder. So it should be somewhere not publicly accessible.
  9. [IMPORTANT] Secure Sharif Judge

After Installation


GPL v3