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nbase - NetBSD userlevel portable to other UNIX-like systems


nbase is a collection of NetBSD tools portable to Linux, macOS and other UNIX-like systems. Its version looks like x.y.z.n, where x is a NetBSD major version, y -- NetBSD minor version, z -- NetBSD patch level, and n -- nbase release number. For example, means fourth release of nbase that corresponds to NetBSD 7.0-RELEASE.

Additional documentation is under doc/ subdirectory.


For now the following tools are a part of collection:

[ apply asa awk banner base64 basename cal cat chmod chroot cksum cleantags cmp col colcrt colrm column comm compress cp cpio csplit ctags cut date dd deroff dirname domainname du echo ed egrep env error expand expr false fgen fgrep find flock fmt fold fpr from fsplit getconf getopt grep groups head hexdump hostname id install join jot kill lam leave ln logname look lorder ls m4 machine md2 md4 md5 menuc mkdep mkdir mkfifo mknod mkstr mktemp msgc mtree mv nice nl nohup nologin od paste patch pathchk pax pr printenv printf progress pwd qsubst renice rev rm rmd160 rmdir rs script sdiff sed seq sha1 shar shlock shuffle sleep soelim sort spell split sum sync tabs tail tar tee test timeout tr true tsort tty ul uncompress unexpand unifdef unifdefall uniq unvis uudecode uuencode vacation vis wc what whereis which whoami whois xargs xstr yes zegrep zfgrep zgrep


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