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Genetics Browser

A working demo of the genome browser can be found here.

You need npm 5, as well as the Purescript compiler and build tools. The latter can be installed with npm:

npm install -g purescript@"== 0.12.5" spago parcel

The browser can be built for production using make, into /dist/index.js:

make build

That produces ./dist/index.js. Opening ./dist/index.html should now display the genome browser.

index.js in the root folder can be changed to modify the way the browser functions are exposed. By default, the PureScript module Genetics.Browser.UI is bound to the global JS variable GenomeBrowser.

For development, start the parcel server with make start (or parcel index.html), and compile the PureScript modules with either spago build, start a spago build server with spago build -w, or start the compiler using your IDE.