Autoswitcher for mining programs using as reference
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Autoswitcher for GPU mining scripts

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Let's say you have a GPU mining rig and you want to mine the most profitable coin. Since this might change day to day (or even hour to hour), this implies you would have to constantly check for the most profitable one, remote access your miner, close the current running mining program, and open the other more profitable coin.

This program automates just that process, gathering using the wonderful whattomine page.

You can customize your rig setup in the conf.json.

NOTE: For Windows!!

Each batfile should change the title of the command prompt with the name of the coin that it mines. Otherwise there's no easy way to find out which coin a miner program that can mine several coin is actually mining at the moment.

You need to rename (and copy if necessary) the miner executables, so that its name contains the coin that you would like to mine in order to find it, when trying to start/kill the coin currently being mined.


@echo off
title gobyte
ccminer.exe -o stratum+tcp://....... -a ... -u ...