Ansible connection plugin using ssh + lxc-attach
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Ansible connection plugin using ssh + lxc-attach


This plugin allows to use Ansible on a remote server hosting LXC containers, without having to install SSH servers in each LXC container.

The plugin connects to the host using SSH, then uses lxc-attach to enter the container. This means the SSH connection must login as root, otherwise lxc-attach will fail.


Add to ansible.cfg:

connection_plugins = /path/to/connection_plugins/lxc_ssh

Then, modify your hosts file to use the lxc_ssh transport:

container ansible_host=server ansible_connection=lxc_ssh ansible_ssh_extra_args=container


  • I haven't found any proper method to access the 'inventory_name' from the connection plugin, so I used 'ansible_ssh_extra_args' to store the name of the container.