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ChiliProject is a web based project management system built on Ruby on Rails

Octocat-spinner-32 app Correct the initialization of new documents #1295 August 13, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 config Remove monkey patch which is already included in Rails 2.3.17 #1233 February 13, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 db fix db migrate #1164 March 19, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 doc Update changelog for 3.8.0 March 19, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 extra Update Copyright for 2013 January 06, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 files wiki-text monospaced 11px August 20, 2012
Octocat-spinner-32 lib Use CHILIPROJECT_LANG environment var to set lang in default data loader July 02, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 log trunk moved from /trunk/redmine to /trunk December 05, 2006
Octocat-spinner-32 public Links to new/not existing wikipages are italic #1197 January 06, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 script Set source encoding to UTF-8 October 29, 2011
Octocat-spinner-32 test Test cleanup. July 15, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 tmp Added an empty tmp/test directory so rake test will run out of the box. June 08, 2009
Octocat-spinner-32 vendor Losslessly recompress all the image files. Fixes #1070 July 09, 2012
Octocat-spinner-32 .gitignore Test ChiliProject on rubinius on Travis June 07, 2012
Octocat-spinner-32 .gitmodules [#123] Removed the acts_as_journalized submodule May 13, 2011
Octocat-spinner-32 .hgignore [#290] ignoring .rvmrc files May 10, 2011
Octocat-spinner-32 .travis.yml Remove Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility and 1.8.7 tests on TravisCI July 16, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 Add a CONTRIBUTING guide. #1192 December 09, 2012
Octocat-spinner-32 Gemfile Remove Ruby 1.8.7 compatibility and 1.8.7 tests on TravisCI July 16, 2013
Octocat-spinner-32 README.rdoc add travis build status to README.rdoc December 09, 2012
Octocat-spinner-32 Rakefile Load rake tasks from plugins in chiliproject_plugins #1074 July 10, 2012


ChiliProject is a web based project management system. It supports your team throughout the complete project life cycle, from setting up and discussing a project plan, over tracking issues and reporting work progress to collaboratively sharing knowledge.

More documentation and user guides can be found on the official website and in the doc/ directory.

Getting Started

We have a complete install guide online.

Getting Help

ChiliProject is an run by a community of volunteers. We have set up different ways to get help depending on your preferences.


We welcome all help for the project, no task is too small. Our documentation is editable by anyone on our wiki, we accept patches on our issue tracker, and everyone is welcome to discuss the project in our forums.

More details can be found on our Contribute page.


ChiliProject is licensed under the GNU GPL v2. See the doc directory for more details.

ChiliProject is a fork based on Redmine. Redmine is Copyright Jean-Philippe Lang and others.

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