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Particulate Matter App

Be informed about the particulate matter situation and the air quality!

The Particulate Matter App is an app for visualizing and collecting particulate matter data from all over the world! If you got an own sensor, built with the instruction sheet of, you can link it within the app and publish its data to all app users. Even if you don't have access to an own pm sensor, you have the ability to look up the patriculate matter values from every sensor, which is registered in our worldwide network.


  • Map of the world with all registered sensors in our network
  • Favorize sensors and save them in the category 'My favorites'
  • Link your own sensor in the app
  • Visualize and analyze every sensor worldwide
  • Compare several (up to 15 in cluster mode) sensors in parallel
  • Have access to the web version of the app (Also on GitHub:
  • Export graphs as well as data records
  • Export / backup your favorites and own sensors to a XML file
  • Push notification when a pm threshold exceeds
  • Push notification on a sensor breakdown
  • etc ...

Screenshots (Android 10)

Contribute to this project

You can contribute to this project by doing following things:

  • If you want to contribute new features, please fork this repository to your own GitHub account. Then build your awesome feature and post a pull request back to this repo. We will check your changes and merge your contribution asap.
  • If you want to add a new translation language or improve an existing translation, please write an email to:
  • If you want to submit a request for a new feature, please open an issue on GitHub write an email to:

Our translators

Our app is available in many different languages, thank to our translators:

  • English: ChilliBits
  • German: ChilliBits
  • Spanish: ChilliBits
  • French: Jose Goffinet
  • Italian: Andrea Rossi
  • Polish: Melo Melo
  • Russian: Sergei Sokolov
  • Bulgarian: Sashu Night
  • Dutch: Jesse Swart
  • Romanian: Dan D
  • Hungarian: Artúr Szilágyi

Used third party libraries

Thanks to following people:

Thanks to all contributors and translators!

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