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Create a speed limit overlay on OSM map with Leaflet, PHP and Python
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This is a collection of scripts to demonstrate how to draw vector data 
as an overlay on an OSM map, using Leaflet. The OSM data is parsed with 
a Python script to extract roads. These are stored in a MySQL database 
to allow later use. The Python script, with import scripts, are in the 
python folder. The database table schemas are included in the database 

The map is displayed using an html file (index.htm). The supporting CSS 
and JavaScript files are included. A PHP script (getspeeds.php) is used 
to extract the required road data from the database and send it to the 
JavaScript using AJAX. The data is encoded as GeoJSON. 

Note: the database host, username, password and dbname need to be 
changed to suit your system in the file python/ This gives the 
Python script access to your database. The hostname, username, password 
and dbname need to be changed to suit your system in the file 
include/db.php. This gives the PHP script access to your database. You 
may, of course, change this security to suit you local way or working. 

Note: the leaflet code will need to be added. I have not included the 
distribution here, you should get the latest stable version from . You then copy the dist folder 
into your working folder and rename it to leaflet.
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