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SilverStripe module for view scaffolding

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Generic Views Module

Simple way to generate view, add, edit and search interfaces for your DataObject instances. Targeted towards usage in a website-frontend. Uses “scaffolding” of formfields based on meta-information from the DataObject class for sensible defaults.

Maintainer Contact

  • Ingo Schommer (Nickname: ischommer, Email: )


  • SilverStripe 2.3


  • View a list of all records
  • Create, edit or delete records
  • Customizeable templates for all views
  • Implement your own logic in subclasses
  • Integrate in your CMS-Menu as a page type, or use as a standalone controller
  • Uses the DataObject permission model (can*() methods)
  • Scaffolded search interface based on SearchContext



  1. Download code from github, rename the folder to ‘genericviews’
  2. Create a DataObject for use with CRUD (ensuring the canCreate / canEdit / canDelete functions are defined - see
  3. Run a /dev/build/
  4. Create a new ‘Collection Page’ in the CMS.
  5. Change the 'CollectionModelClass' (on the 'GenericView' tab of the page just created) to the Model requiring CRUD
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