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Founder Connect, connecting technical & non-technical founders together | Chingu Voyage-6 |
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Founder Connect

Founder Connect is a virtual meeting place that connects technical and non-technical start up founders.


Chingu Voyage-6 |

Rationale for Founder Connect

Non-technical startup founders often lament a lack of funding for their projects because startup investors are reluctant to invest in sole proprietors, particularly if that sole proprietor has no technical skills. We believe a lack of technical skills should not be a hindrance. Therefore, Founder Connect provides non-technical founders with a platform to reach out to technical founders and start working together.

Development Stack

Front End

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bulma, React, React-Router

Back End

Node, Express, mongoDB, passport

Starting the App

Full App - localhost:3000

npm run dev

Server Only - localhost:5000

npm run server

Client Only - localhost:3000

npm run client

Testing -

Currently only on server

Before running script, in a separate terminal tab, run a local instance of MongoDB -

$ mongod

Then in a separate terminal run -

$ npm run test

MVP User Stories

Goal Status
User can create and/or update a member profile Done
User can log into app and access features Done
User can choose either technical or non-technical founder Done
User can render a list of all members in the database Done
User can filter members by technical or non-technical Done
User can make a connection request Done
User can access contact information after connection request is accepted Done
User can send a message and start a conversation with another user Done






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