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BACnet Server Example C++

A basic BACnet IP server example written in C++ using the CAS BACnet Stack. Includes various sample BACnet objects and services.


Build versions of this example can be downloaded from the releases page:


Download the latest release zip file on the releases page.


Run the executable included in the zip file.

Pre-configured with the following example BACnet device and objects:

  • Device: 389999 (Device Rainbow)
    • analog_input: 0 (AnalogInput Bronze)
    • analog_output: 1 (AnalogOutput Chartreuse)
    • analog_value: 2 (AnalogValue Diamond)
    • binary_input: 3 (BinaryInput Emerald)
    • binary_output: 4 (BinaryOutput Fuchsia)
    • binary_value: 5 (BinaryValue Gold)
    • multi_state_input: 13 (MultiStateInput Hot Pink)
    • multi_state_output: 14 (MultiStateOutput Indigo)
    • multi_state_value: 19 (MultiStateValue Kiwi)
    • trend_log: 20 (TrendLog Lilac)
    • trend_log_multiple: 27 (TrendLogMultiple Magenta)
    • bitstring_value: 39 (BitstringValue Nickel)
    • characterstring_value: 40 (CharacterstringValue Onyx)
    • data_value: 42 (DateValue Purple)
    • integer_value: 45 (IntegerValue Quartz)
    • large_analog_value: 46 (LargeAnalogValue Red)
    • octetstring_value: 47 (OctetstringValue Silver)
    • positive_integer_value: 48 (PositiveIntegerValue Turquoise)
    • time_value: 50 (TimeValue Umber)
    • NetworkPort: 56 (NetworkPort Vermilion)

The following keyboard commands can be issued in the server window:

  • q: Quit and exit the server
  • i: Increment the analog_value property Diamond by 1.1
  • r: Toggle the analog input reliability status
  • f: Send foreign device registration
  • h: Display help menu

Command arguments

The first argument is the device instance. If no arguments are defined then the default device instance.


A Visual studio 2019 project is included with this project. This project is also auto built using Gitlab CI on every commit.

The CAS BACnet Stack submodule is required for compilation.

For the example server to run properly, please enable all object types and features of the CAS BACNet Stack. For more details, please reference Enabling optional functionality and Compiling example projects sections of the Quick Start Guide (please contact Chipkin for this document).

Example Output

CAS BACnet Stack Server Example v0.0.11.0

FYI: Default to use device instance= 389999
FYI: Loading CAS BACnet Stack functions... OK
FYI: CAS BACnet Stack version:
FYI: Connecting UDP Resource to port=[47808]... OK, Connected to port
FYI: Registering the Callback Functions with the CAS BACnet Stack
Setting up server device. device.instance=[389999]
Created Device.
Enabling IAm... OK
Enabling ReadPropertyMultiple... OK
Enabling WriteProperty... OK
Adding AnalogInput. analogInput.instance=[0]... OK
Added TrendLogMultiple. trendLogMultiple.instance=[27]... OK
Added NetworkPort. networkPort.instance=[56]... OK
FYI: Sending I-AM broadcast
FYI: Entering main loop...
FYI: Received message from [], length [25]