Embedded underwater acoustic detection system
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Underwater Acoustic Detection

We are working with Scripps Institute of Oceanography, to implement a signal detection algorithm and a convoluted neural network algorithm to analysis the trends of marine life over time. As humans, we are hugely depended on the ocean and its ecosystems, which provides us with a food-chain block as well as large portion of our atmosphere's oxygen. However, despite our dependences on the ocean’s ecosystem, we have continue to negatively impact our ocean's health in the past few decades such as overfishing, industrial pollution, and oil spills.

So, to more accurately investigate how human actions have affected the marine live’s ecosystems, this project was greenlit as a way to record fish acoustics and provide the data to scientist across the globe to analysis our ocean's health and forecast what the trends of marine lives is heading towards.

For more detailes please refer to our Wiki page.