Main library for Chlorine compiler (a subset of Clojure to javascript)
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Chlorine (formerly Clojurejs) is a naive implementation of a Clojure subset language to Javascript translator. Chlorine is an attempt to implement the predictable semantics in the generated Javascript. Some of its features are:

  • Consistent scoping in let and loop/recur forms
  • Macros with defmacro
  • Implicit return from all forms
  • loop/recur translates to Javascript for loops
  • case translates to Javascript switch/case
  • Translates Clojure vectors, strings, keywords, symbols and maps to Javascript equivalents
  • File-based dependencies through load-file and load-file-macros
  • Clojure destructuring forms in functions and let

Chlorine is available under the Eclipse Public License - v 1.0.

For more information see the chlorine wiki.