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A (currently) experimental, proof-of-concept plugin to have CreateJS editing capabilities in the Pimcore CMS
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Pimcore - CreateJS Plugin

This Pimcore plugin enables a different way to edit content. It uses Create to do its magic, see: Create.js

For now, this is just an experimental "proof of concept"!


  • Uses plain HTML RDFa-(a)nnotated templates to make pages automagically editable, sorta

Installation / Setup

  • Copy CreateJS from the plugins directory to the plugins directory of your Pimcore installation.
  • Open the Pimcore administrative backend as an admin user and activate and enable the CreateJS extension.
  • Remove the default Pimcore editing frontend controller and replace it with the CreateJS implementation. This could be done globally or even on a action-by-action basis. See examples/DefaultController.php
  • use RDFa based templates. See examples/default.php. Please note, that for the example to work you need to define a Pimcore object class named "participant" with the input fields "name" and "age" AND have an existing object instance with the id "5" (or change the template) to test this ...
  • Namespaces MUST be declared on the body tag

Mode of operation: Edit Mode

  • The CreateJS_Controller_Plugin injects the CreateJS javascript code into the page if a page is rendered in the Pimcore edit context.
  • Then the CreateJS takes over, sending the edited info back via a backbone sync to the CreateJS_AdminController.
  • Currently, the CreateJS_AdminController just decides if the content is a document or an object based on the subject attribute and stores the data.

Mode of operation: Live view

  • The CreateJS_Controller_Plugin parses the HTML code into a DOM and
  • searches for various RDF annotation, then
  • loads the data and injects the contents.

Notes, Warnings, Todos - A LOT

  • only simple string fields are supported right now
  • pimcore preview works only after save & publish
  • save & publish is still needed after performing a CreateJS save!
  • creating new objects does not work
  • collections are not supported
  • the backbone sync php backend needs to be rewritten from scratch, as it is based on simple/ugly string parsing ...
  • no error checking is performed
  • the code is extremely insecure
  • externalize all required dependencies .. ?
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