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Latest commit e005c6e Jul 4, 2012 @chmouel Use keystoneclient for authentication.
- This allows us to delegate all 2.0 authentication directly to the
  library without reimplementing ourselves.
- Rename the os_*_ variables to dashes (i.e: os-tenant-name not
- Support reusing a token / storage-url without re-authenticating every
  time via the switch os-storage-url os-auth-token.
- Allow auth via tenant_id instead of just tenant_name via the switch
- Refactor a bit to make it easier in the future to add new OS features
  (i.e: region).

Change-Id: I532f38a68af884de25326aaac05a2050f5ffa1c7
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bin Use keystoneclient for authentication. Jul 4, 2012
swiftclient Use keystoneclient for authentication. Jul 4, 2012
.gitignore Add post-tag versioning. Jun 27, 2012
openstack-common.conf Add script here. May 21, 2012
setup.cfg Add build_sphinx options. Jun 11, 2012
tox.ini Removed now-unused .cache.bundle references. May 21, 2012


Python bindings to the OpenStack Object Storage API

This is a python client for the Swift API. There's a Python API (the swiftclient module), and a command-line script (swift).

Development takes place via the usual OpenStack processes as outlined in the OpenStack wiki. The master repository is on GitHub.

This code is based on original the client previously included with OpenStack's swift The python-swiftclient is licensed under the Apache License like the rest of OpenStack.